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If you think Severus Snape is my favorite Harry Potter character because he is a “Hero” or “Romantic” you are dead wrong. It’s his depth, complex nature, his internal conflict of intentions vs. actions,  his wounded nature, and his twisted emotional state that makes him one of the most deep, complicated and tragic characters I have ever read and that fascinates me. 



supergran21: The only country in the world to reject independence, what a fucking laughing stock. I hope all the wankers who voted no thanks will remember they gave my children’s country away. God help us when Westminster takes revenge, and they will. I’ll never sing Flower of Scotland again. A rant….. I may feel better by Monday…..I may not

I am genuinely gutted for you and can’t begin to imagine how you are feeling. Words are not enough for this one…..

Sending love and hugs xxx

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