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Happy Record Shop Day!

Yes, I know officially it’s Record Store Day but I am resolutely British and cannot bring myself to bow to the Americanisation of my language. To me a store is where you keep things (you literally store them) and a shop is where you buy them.

Anyway, I digress…..
Whether you have a local record shop or record store, you all need to go out and buy some vinyl today. I may not be well enough to leave the house but my minion has already been to get me something. Nice bit of Bert Jansch and Davy Graham on 10” and a 7” of one of my favourite songs, May You Never by John Martyn, both heading my way soon.

The most amazing thing is I have never met my minion. He is a very kind soul I have befriended on Twitter. He also has M.E although not as severely as myself but he is using his precious energy to do me this huge favour. I am bowled over by his kindness - I am finding more love and compassion from people I have never met on Twitter and Tumblr than most of my real life friends on Facebook. There’s a lesson in there somewhere……..

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